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Create a riveting main character, by @natasha_lane1 via LiveWriteThrive.com

Today’s post is by Natasha Lane. As writers, our main characters are usually some manifestation of ourselves. These beings that run around our heads, tossing story ideas at us in rapid succession, are miniature versions of ourselves. Sometimes they only … Continue reading

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#author Exercise for writers: hold in your stomach.

(From a non-expert): Make sure you don’t have any medical conditions. Don’t do this on a full stomach. Start off gently. Be careful and don’t overdo it. KEEP BREATHING. Hold in your stomach at regular intervals (once an hour / … Continue reading

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How to make your writing stand out – Part 2 – by @AJHumpage

Part 1 looked at some of the ways writers can make their work stand out, especially if they want to be noticed by agents and publishers. These are things like description, voice and style, story and sentence structure, using the … Continue reading

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Let go of your desire to impress others: Is Your Procrastination a Symptom of Perfectionism?by @CSLakin at Live Write Thrive

Procrastination is often a symptom of perfectionism. Perfectionists, believing they can never complete a task perfectly, put it off as long as possible. If a writer doesn’t attempt to finish her project, she can’t fail. She won’t be ridiculed or … Continue reading

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