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The 5 Secrets of Good Storytelling by @KMWeiland — Helping Writers Become Authors

I’m having a harder and harder time getting excited about stories these days. Not because I don’t love stories, but because I do love them—and because it’s ever-increasingly difficult to find truly great ones that employ all the secrets of … Continue reading

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How To Be An Author Entrepreneur: an interview by @SukhiJutla with @thecreativepenn

An entrepreneur creates value with their ideas. They create a new reality based on thoughts and actions. That surely is the definition of an author! When you’re writing your first book, you don’t necessarily think about running a business or … Continue reading

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Writer’s back: mattresses and bus seats

During the summer I spent two months in Taipei in a fairly decent hostel where the rooms were called cabins but were more like donkey stalls. (See photo – it’s not as prison-like as it looks). My bed resembled a … Continue reading

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What to give yourself this year, by @KAMcCleary — Writer Unboxed

Flickr Creative Commons: asenat29It’s easy to look ahead to a new year and make resolutions about new habits—I’ll write 1,000 words a day, I’ll write seven days a week, I’ll finish/start that novel/short story/novella—you get the idea. But instead of … Continue reading

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