Author’s Note


Hello and welcome!

I’m an author writing stories with themes such as money, class values, work, and their effect on relationships as people try to make a success of life.

My first book, Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories (Kindle: , is now available and I hope to publish a short novel later during 2018. I’ve also started working on my third book which will again be a short novel. 

On this site you’ll find general musings, a gallery of photos (so far of nature, books, and  buildings), and  which books I’m reading via Goodreads.

There are also links to articles written by other authors more experienced than me in the world of self-publishing and being an author-entrepreneur. These cover writing advice as well as tips on publishing and marketing  – thank you to those authors for offering the articles for everyone to read. 

You can follow me on this website and on Twitter at @SA_Aslam_ 

Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Best Wishes
S.A. Aslam

Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories is available from:   Amazon Kindle: Paperback:  
Barnes and Noble:




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