#author Wear lace-up shoes: yet more exercise for writers.

A while ago I bought a pair of lace-up shoes. I put a foot in one shoe to try them on and knelt on the floor to tie the laces. Well, I strained to bend down, struggled to keep my balance, and felt a pull on my spine (I have lordosis and should exercise).

I was then stuck in a crouched position and it was only after leaning heavily against the wall, much laboured breathing, and wobbling about that I managed to stand up. (Beached whale image – no offence to whales).  

I’d bought the shoes online and I was luckily on my own when I tried them on. 

I left them in the box for a few weeks but, with another pair heading for the recycling bin, I had to wear them.  

After a few weeks of huffing and puffing I am now much better at bending down and standing up although there is still room for improvement. Tries hard could do better. 

I started buying only slip-on shoes (loafers, boots) several years ago in the belief that slipping – or squashing – my foot inside shoes or boots saved time getting ready.
But my message to anyone working at a desk: start bending down and standing up and stop stuffing your feet into your slip-on/always-tied, lace-up shoes. And if they’ve got laces tie and untie them.
A few extra seconds will make little difference to the time you spend getting ready but could make a significant improvement to your health.



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