#author Pillow talk.

It’s bad enough having a pain in your back and neck but check your pillows aren’t aggravating the problem.
I have four pillows at my disposal but only two (which are also a bit thin) are any good for resting my head on. The others are too hard.
I don’t know what filling the manufacturer uses but punching and squashing them has no effect. I had a pain in my head and neck for about five hours today and I know that only having a shower is going to ease my neck muscles.
Pain killers should not be the solution and I did hold out for as long as I could before succumbing to a couple of Ibuprofen (there goes my heart).  I suppose it’s all down to exercise again: neck and shoulder exercises (and moving around in general).
Being in pain is not funny especially when it makes me feel like beating the stuffing out everyone if not my pillows.


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