#author Absent from author website for two months – or so.

I’ve neglected my author website for more than two months – apologies to those still following me.

February and March were trying and nearly everything ground to a halt.  I still made the odd scrappy note but postponed my read-aloud edit until I moved back to the coast. (Now I’m here I have yet to settle)

I still need to make some changes to my first book. I hope to make a start this week – Easter having closed everything down in this small town.

Internet connection is hit and miss, and I can’t have access whenever I want. (There’s also no Freeview.) I wrote this on Word and saved it until I was able to post it.

My calf muscle is still hurting but I’ve nearly stopped limping. I think it was caused by changing the height of my shoes (from one inch to half an inch!) which stretched the muscle. I can’t think of any other explanation.

I still have to get back into the swing of things as they were ten or so weeks ago but, despite all this, I still feel inexplicably optimistic (here’s hoping not deluded) mainly because I feel the only way is up.



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