#author Are most fiction authors/editors of the same political & social persuasion – and what if you’re not?

I’ve had this nagging feeling since joining Twitter just over a year ago. At first, I thought I was imagining things but I keep seeing examples of authors ‘opinions’ – via tweets, retweets, or following certain accounts – which aren’t the same as mine.

Sometimes I think they’re just making sure they publicly tick all the politically / socially trendy boxes. This is fine when you’re in your early to mid-twenties; after the age of thirty it could be a desperate sign of acceptance or attention seeking.

I thought I should keep quiet but I still keep wondering why the majority seem to be in one camp. I’ve always hated labels, but for ease of clarity I’ll just say they seem to fall into a kind of a weird, left-of-centre entity that always seems to be morphing as it latches on to any cause that extends its size and life. Many tweets manage to have a morally superior tone and at the same time be selective, or one-sided, as to who gets sympathy and who should be blamed just to prove the entity’s moral correctness.

Does it matter? It might, especially when looking for an editor. I’m still not sure whether my first editors want to be connected with me (maybe it’s just my writing).  I also checked before re-booking my proofreader for my second book whether she objected to working on an MS with any political or social comments with which she might disagree. Luckily she didn’t and said she looked forward to working with me again. Phew!

It all reminds me of a line I read in Heavy Weather (Wodehouse). The butler, Beach, refuses to accept money in exchange for the manuscript of a memoir entrusted to his safekeeping.

“I regret to say, sir, that I am not in a position to fall in with your wishes.”


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