#author A genre to fit your stories. Any #realism or #problemplay authors out there?

An editor said my writing had a “Simenon-like influence” which was kind of her but doesn’t help identify a genre. This is more difficult. My one published book is half crime / mystery and half general fiction. The second book I’m working on would fall into general fiction – not exactly a label to catch a reader’s attention.

I thought about “realism” – pity I can’t ask Aristotle – “social realism”, social drama”, but my second book has no main character, most are flawed, and one might be described as an anti-hero / rough diamond kind of person. So maybe I should choose “noir realism”. Or “realism noir”. The characters debate contentious social issues and face dilemmas, so I could choose “problem play” or “problem drama”. I think I prefer “noir realism” 

The genre label is used to sell books as well as to aid classification – but only works if the author has one.



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