Reflections on 2016: better at #writing and #editing, feel more in control. Need to change my #thinking, and make more #effort.


Tomorrow is just another day but I’m copying other people and noting my progress over the past year. It wasn’t as good as it could have been because I didn’t change a few things – especially my way of thinking – which would have made me more productive.

1. First book published and I learnt useful lessons along the way.
2. I recently developed the habit (after about eighteen months) of writing / editing in my own home without having to go to a cafe. The amount of work needs to increase though.
3. I feel more in control of my second book re. story content, time sequence, better editing, description, and imagery – and hope to improve.
4. This second book is one story, the most I’ve ever written, and I’m using different points of view as well as the narrator’s voice. The story is also more difficult than any in the first book.
5. Came home – to better climate and colours (no glaring sunshine or vivid colours).
6. Slightly better at Twitter – but need to focus more on author website.
7. Took more photographs.

1. No money.
2. No holiday – despite aiming to go.
3. Became less fit.
4. Ate an unbelievable amount of rubbish – now suffering the consequences.
5. Lost my silver ring (had it for a year and a half).
6. Don’t like my neighbours.

Things to do:
1. Rely more on myself, and the skills and knowledge I have and can acquire.
2. Need money.
3. Work at securing (new?) publishing / editorial team.
4. Improve quality of Twitter and author website.
5. Change my environment.
6. Need an adjustable chair.

On a lighter note:

1. Re-discovered #StarTrekOriginalSeries – why are most of the female crew so inadequate? And just how did Kirk become captain of a Starship at 34 years of age?
2. Discovered #TalkingPicturesTV.
3. Found Quest TV and WheelerDealers inspirational – but the effect is wearing off.

I hope your year went well, and if not, I hope things improve for you.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2017


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