Does a city environment mean more distractions from work?

My answer is ‘No’. A city can be used to defer work / procrastinate etc, but I think that happens only if you don’t like your job.

This small town has lost its appeal and I wish I were back in a big city. There were more distractions but I think I’ve now acquired a bit of discipline and writing is a “pull” rather than a “push”. I am bored here and there are things I want to – except I haven’t – perhaps because the pace here is so slow. Or maybe I’m just making excuses.

I was supposed to write a post on my author website at least once a week. We’re nearly halfway through December and this my first. Hmm.

I should have made plans to move but haven’t. (My mind is always in a bigger place).

I thought I would start sketching: I’ve been meaning to start for a few years but I haven’t. I know it would benefit me – if not anyone else – especially as the front cover of my second book will be an illustration which I will need to sketch for the illustrator – when I find one.

I wanted to take photos regularly but at times I haven’t even been bothered to take my camera out with me.

I’m also supposed to be working on another project but for some reason I’ve done nothing. 

I can’t blame my environment (I don’t mean my below-par accommodation).

So what’s wrong?

Answers on a postcard (if anyone can remember what they are)…





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