Exercise for #writers: open shoulder postures

After about twenty months of sitting in front of a desk, and forgetting to do open shoulder postures, the flexibility in my shoulder blades resembles a single plank of wood.

This stiffness has  happened to me before but I managed to regain movement, so I know my flexibility isn’t a lost cause. But it is worrying and disheartening.

I particularly used to like doing the posture where you clasp your hands together behind your back, lift to shoulder height, then lean forward as if touching your toes (standing forward bend with yoga lock).

I thought using the toning tube would open my shoulders sufficiently but I was wrong. In fact I can’t do any yoga postures as well as I could years ago.

As I’ve written before, without the daily commute, it’s becoming difficult to maintain a routine. When I was bothered by noisy neighbours and only had a few hours’ sleep, I still had to get up at 6am. I would do only a few hasty exercises but I was still fitter than I am. Now I have new noisy neighbours, but I know I can turn over and have “a few extra minutes”.

Something has to change before something else snaps.


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