Flying off in different directions? Maybe notetaking or a timetable would help.

It’s no fun sharing your environment with dirty, noisy, lazy people. And stupid ones. And unbelievably arrogant ones. And ones which, unfortunately for me, feature in my second book. (I can’t be more precise because I’m more politically correct than people give me credit for). I’ve been going slightly mad these past few weeks about my environment and other things. Today, I tried to tackle one issue – my neighbours – while thinking about the things I should be doing. This only made me feel more annoyed – to put it mildly – with my neighbours for still causing problems. Then I realised I should have made notes, as and when problems arose, so that I could tackle things in an orderly fashion. 

A timetable might be a good idea to help separate issues of domesticity, work, “what I should be doing”, and “what I would like to do”. Maybe work in the morning, something else in the afternoon, learning something in the evening. I don’t know. But I could least start off by keeping separate notes on different matters.

It would definitely be much better than flying off in different directions trying to do lots of things at the same time, but not achieving much. 


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