#Photo: Autumn hues in the small town.

Corner of Victoria Park, near one of the gates. Corner of Victoria Park, outside one of the gates. I left the street sign & light in the photo – historical aspect.  Taken after the sun had come out. 

(This gallery contains eight photos). For about a week I’ve been going for a walk every morning instead of going to the supermarket cafe to read, or make notes, or despair at some of the customers.
I kept forgetting to take my camera and, after this morning’s walk (10-11.30am), I realised that I need to take at least a couple of thousand more photos before I take one that’s good. But I’m not in a competition and maybe some of you have never seen trees before, so here goes…

Golden path, Victoria Park
“Golden path”, Victoria Park. The sun had yet to make an appearance so it is a little difficult to appreciate the golden colours.
The walk began here along what I’ve named the Golden Path in the small park in the small town (Victoria Park). I meant to take a photo of the tree with hardly any leaves on a few days ago but kept forgetting – now it’s too late.

Old bridge on Victoria Road over the River Sow. Links Station Road and the town centre.
This is not called the old bridge, when I’ve found out its name I’ll edit. I’m standing on another bridge. The statue on the left hand side is of Izaak Walton. I’ll take a photo of it too at some point. (I don’t think some people in this town deserve him).

(This gallery contains eight photos. I don’t know why this photo is smaller than the others).  I Arrived just in time before council swept away all the leaves.

One of my cousins looking festive.
One of my cousins looking rather festive. Taken near one of the park gates.

Twin cousins taking their time to change colourUpdate on my twin cousins who seem to be taking their time to change colour. The festive ccousin is somewhere on the left on the photo at the back. White car seen by the gate.  

Near one of the park's gates.
Just inside the  same park gates.

Close up from the outside the same gate in Victoria Park, leading to Newport Road. The sun had come out by now.


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