#Author: The cost of errant speech marks.

I finished checking the interior and cover corrections to the proofs for Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories and discovered I need to pay more money just to have a couple of errant speech marks removed. I’d used them on the corrections form to highlight an error but my inconsistent style of highlighting faults resulted in said punctuation being reproduced in the book. I’m supposed to send the new corrections – all three of them – to the publisher today (should have done it yesterday) and pay them at some point. I’m also supposed to be spending some time on my author page on the publisher’s website.

My writing and dealing with the publishers during the final stage of publication seems to have really slowed down. It is an effort to maintain momentum when things go wrong – no fewer than three times during the proof stage. Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories was supposed to be published in September but now it will probably be during November – with a bit of luck.

I started writing for myself and for the intrinsic value, although money quickly became a very close second. But I’d be relieved if I just met my expenses for this book and, with any luck, earned something to go towards the next one.

Edit, 29 October: My publisher has waived the cost of removing the two errant speech marks! Thank you.


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