#author Going off-kilter, Twitter photos, and broken earphones.

Life in a grey environment, in a small town, being between books, and wrangling over one thing or another is still having a negative effect on my routine. Then, yesterday evening my earphones stopped working so I didn’t watch the internet. Instead I spent a while musing on what had been happening to me and my routine.

I’m not always aware of how I change when I stop working (it can be writing or anything else), or even slow down. I only know that I feel uneasy, less like that kind of professional – and less professional – and I also get out of practice. Going to work every day acts as a form of discipline. My discipline has recently become virtually non-existent.

And so to Twitter. I scrolled down the posts and managed to pick out a few recent tweets with the #author hashtag but they were flanked by photos of trees (I took) and more than a few internet photos of wildlife, and actors to mark the anniversary of their birth). There are so many anniversaries that my Twitter account is in danger of being taken over by them.

Putting my identity back on track (private joke) this morning, I read a bit and then I wrote a hundred or so more words of a short story I’d started a several weeks ago. This afternoon I hope to type up my writing and also insert a few scrappy notes I found from a few months back as well as some new ones.

All that won’t take very long but, if my headphones don’t magically start working again, I might even get back to doing what I’m supposed to be – which is revising my second book.




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