Reflections on first year with Twitter.

I’ve been using Twitter as a marketing tool for a year and I’d like to think I follow the “quality content sharing” guide rather than the “me, me, me” one. I’m trying to copy those who think before they tweet. I know I should make more of an effort to keep in touch with followers, but it can be difficult to find them among the round-the-clock automated/scheduled tweets (very annoying).

Twitter can be fun and I like posting photos and I like the 140-character rule – it’s a good way to discipline writing.

There are some people who have more than one Twitter account to sell their books. I find this really annoying and hope I don’t end up doing the same.

There are others who post links to Facebook, Instagram, author website (me) and other media sites/apps. This is fine but I don’t know how many followers click on the links.

I never thought plastic surgeons would follow me but I discovered there are a few authors who follow them so I thought I’d do the same. Who knows, the doctors’ prospective clients might want to buy a copy of my book to read while they they’re in the waiting room.

I used to think that having lots of followers mattered but I’m not sure they’d buy my books. I don’t have that many followers and perhaps I’ve been a bit fussy – maybe too fussy – but I haven’t published anything yet. (I should be checking final proofs instead of writing this). As I write, my audience is 69% male, 31% female which can mean anything. The ratio was slightly greater a few days ago.

I haven’t blocked anyone except for a few women who seem to wear fewer clothes than I do. I didn’t want to mislead them, but even if I hadn’t blocked them I don’t they’d be interested in my books.


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