Diary vs author website vs Twitter

I’ve always had a week-to-view diary which I hardly ever used but enjoyed buying every year.

A few months after I started writing my first book, I began writing in my diary nearly every day to log how I was progressing and, occasionally, my thoughts on anything and everything. This diary is for my eyes only and I write whatever I choose, although I wouldn’t lose any sleep if anyone should happen to see it.

Then I started an author website but wasn’t sure what to write because I hadn’t even had my first draft edited.

Twitter arrived and I began posting my progress to market my work. Twitter is very easy to use and even easier to abuse.

As a result my diary has been neglected and I often even forget to use it. As a consequence, it ends up buried underneath paper, food, and the odd carrier bag. Yet of all the mediums I prefer my diary and I am the most honest albeit the least tidy when I write in it.

I’ll keep my diary, Twitter, and my author website and try to use them regularly in different ways. And maybe if I have a tidy desk I’ll see my diary more often and remember to write an entry every day.



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