Lock-up for drunks, vagrants (and my neighbours?) Old buildings pt 6.

Stafford Forebridge Lock-up (front)

 Forebridge Lock-up (front),  Stafford

Forebridge lock-up in Stafford is not the original building which was apparently demolished and rebuilt near the first site in 1976 to make way for a ring road. 

The original building was built in the late eighteen hundreds and was used to detain drunks and vagrants. It was constructed out of stone taken from the medieval St. John’s Hospital and Chapel.

Stafford Forebridge Lock-up (side and back)

Forebridge Lock-up (side and back), Stafford

During the 1930s, a butcher used the lock-up to cure ham by piling smouldering sawdust on the floor. His shop was next door. 

(If this building were in London it would have been converted into a one-bedroom flat with a sale price of £250,000 – give or take). 

Stafford Forebridge Lock-up (inside through the barred window)Forebridge Lock-up (inside through the bars), Stafford

Source: http://www.search.staffspasttrack.org.uk


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