Would space food cut #obesity and make us live long and prosper ?

I watched The Man Trap from the original Star Trek series yesterday and saw Captain James T. Kirk eat two squares of brightly coloured food (he was busy so left the rest for later). The plate of food looked pretty and all the crew of the Enterprise, with their blue/lilac eyeshadow, looked slim, fit, and happy. And so did the actors.

I remember people saying years ago that space food wouldn’t taste of anything and would never catch on. Many years later, space food still hasn’t caught on but obesity has.

Over the same length of time I’ve gone from having an interest in cooking to finding people who even talk about it unbearable company. But like many who work at a computer my sedentary life has affected my health and fitness levels.

I’d like to give space food a try, especially if it came rationed out of a hatch. Judging from what I see in people’s baskets and trolleys in supermarkets they could also benefit from the same. How many of us are going to live long and prosper?

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen in the immediate future so I might just have to settle for experimenting with blue/lilac eyeshadow to help me get fit.

(I haven’t watched Star Trek for a few years and, as I write, the original series is being shown on television to mark its 50th anniversary. The first episode was broadcast on 8 September 1966).

Disclaimer: I’m not a Trekkie and my interest started and stopped with the first series. Still, live long and prosper.



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