Goodbye weed-month, hello fire and forge.

The Roman god Vulcan was said to be the guardian of September: look out for fire, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and my first book going on sale – with any luck.

Looking back, and switching languages and cultures, August was once known as the weed-month (The Old English Wordhord (@OEWordhord). I’m not surprised. It was so far the worst month of the year for me. Editing and revisions of my second book virtual ground to halt, my boredom levels reached new highs, the rent for my dark bijou residence went up at short notice, my neighbour’s friends and family were freeloading, and yours truly went slightly mad.

The first day of August (Lammas Day) marked the festival for the year’s first harvest. It was such a fruitful day for me, I tweeted: #author bijou residence on ground floor gets no sun. Cold at my desk, wearing a fleece under unflattering jumper. 1st August, really? 

I did send off my MS for Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories during August but I also discovered I’d lost £600 during the “publishing process” (more on this in a future post). Then, during the second half of the month, I found myself going from one dead-end day to the next.

Now we’re in September (meaning seven after the Roman month) which takes us well into harvest time.

I believe Jim Rohn said, via YouTube, something like “If you plant thistle seeds you don’t get pumpkins…Come harvest all you get are a few measly carrots. Who’s to blame? Look in the mirror.”

September is harvest time for me: my first book will be published (possibly October).  I tried to take short cuts and rushed one or two things which cost me in the long run because I had to do them all over again. And again, and again. I’m painfully aware that even though it’s been copy-edited it hasn’t been proofread but I honestly couldn’t face going through another ordeal of finding a second editor.

Vulcan was associated not only with the destructive nature of fire but also of forging and metalwork. I just hope after the fire of disagreements with editors and publishers I’ve forged a good book for people to read.



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