The Hare and the Tortoise for #authors

Wouldn’t life be great if we could quickly achieve all the things we want: whether it’s getting fit, building a business, or writing a book?

This post isn’t about how to work quickly or working very fast and then resting on your laurels. This is about accepting the fact that on days when things aren’t going that well, it’s still much better to do something rather than nothing.

Nearing the end of inserting my scrappy notes into my manuscript I came across three or four pages of my final pages. The problem is that they’re not full of one or two phrases or sentences. There are also paragraphs parts of which I’ve already used and I now have to keep switching from my notes pages to the manuscript checking sentences in different chapters.

It’s a nuisance but slowly and in between looking at the walls, eating, and wishing I was as fit as Britain’s women’s Olympic hockey team I’m now down to the final page. Any hares reading this might think they could complete the notes in two or three hours. Well, fine. But I’m taking consolation in the fact that at last I’m plodding in the right direction.

The manuscript I’m working on is for my second book – the first is still at the publisher – and I’ve so far written 46,000 words (I don’t seem to write long stories and the word count is just a guide for progress not a goal in itself). In a couple of weeks I know that figure will have slightly increased, just as I know I will lose some during editing, and then need to add more, and so on.

If progress on your book is slow don’t beat yourself up for it. Writing – or deciphering scrappy notes – a bit each day keeps you in training and will still take you in the right direction.

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