Progress update: Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories.

I’ve revised and edited the manuscript many times, had it structurally and copy edited, chosen the front cover image, and on 2 August (I think) sent it to publisher Lulu. It hasn’t been plain sailing: I got rid of 99.9% of my contacts and a source of income, moved numerous times, argued, been stunned, angry, suspicious, and a bit miffed, while struggling to deal with an obsession or possibly addiction which is my second book (I actually started writing that one first). Everything has been messy and unplanned but I’m glad to say order has prevailed.

The manuscript is currently undergoing an evaluation process and a graphic designer should be working on the front and back cover. (In case anyone has read previous posts, yes, I did send it last autumn but realised I needed to do more work on it). So, I still have to get approval from Lulu.

With countless authors choosing the same publisher and being at the same stage, the estimated month for publication is September. I’m not sure which particular date but there are thirty to play with.

Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories is short, perhaps embarrassingly so, because it has only five short stories. I just hope the best things really do…

I started publicising the book on Twitter a few weeks ago, but I now realise I was too early. Closer to a more definite publication date, I’ll re-tweet/post excerpts, write any further progress on this site, and cross my fingers.

PS: Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories uses 39 characters on Twitter. Luckily the working title for my second book with 22 is shorter.



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