Lessons from #jigsaws for #authors

Don’t try to make a piece fit just so you can finish a puzzle, don’t throw all the pieces on the table and expect to see the whole picture, and only with practice will you improve.
I thought it would take a couple of hours to finish the jigsaw but I think it’s going to take a few days. I couldn’t help but see the parallels with the way I underestimated how long it would take to find an editor, deal with the editor, then rewrite, edit, revise my manuscript etc, and then deal with the publisher.
The more I go through the whole process of writing and getting published, or completing jigsaws, the better I will become. I know that’s obvious but the first time is proving to be a bit trying, not because of the process but because publishers and editors are a new breed to me, the latter especially. More on this in another blog, but from now on perhaps I should write “book editor” and “book copy editor” because they’re certainly different from other kinds I’ve known.
I was going to put all the jigsaw pieces back into the box and complete the puzzle on another day – I have only one desk to work on – but instead I put my computer on top of the pieces and completed sections so I could write this.



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