Television and I.


I’ve never owned a television because I couldn’t bring myself to spend any money on something I waste so much time arguing with and that also kills my brain. But whenever I’ve lived in rented accommodation there has usually, but not always, been a television. I used to start watching a film and at 10pm when there was a break for the news or even just adverts I’d quite happily switch off and not bother with the second half.
I now spend more time on the internet and find it odd when I hear people talking about what they watched on television and that they’re still watching the same soaps and series. But each to their own: I still watch old films and occasionally repeats of old series on an old computer.
For the past four or five years I didn’t watch any television nor did I miss it. It was in a way a relief. But since moving into my current bijou residence I’ve had to have it, as well as my computer, on for most of the time until about midnight. (Admittedly the volume was turned down).
I realised that the grey walls were having a negative effect on me and that the only colour came from the television and my computer.
Yesterday was a breakthrough. Apart from checking the news twice for about twenty seconds I didn’t switch the television on until just before 6pm and I switched it off at around 10.30pm. And I spent the best part of the afternoon editing in silence apart from occasionally talking to my MS.
I don’t know if this is going to continue but, even if it doesn’t, arguing with the television still shows I have my own brain if not peace of mind.


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