Lite gymnastics for #writers

My forward roll this morning nearly ended in broken neck and shoulder bones as well as a crack in the foundations of my bijou residence. The gym (haven’t been for ages) is okay but it has limitations and a high boredom threshold.
I’ve recently taken to browsing the internet with one hand under my chin and developed a pain in my neck. I’ve done this before and, well, some people just never learn. I don’t want to end up with a squashed neck so I thought I’d try a forward roll to even things out a bit but my wobbly and noisy attempt resulted in “Ow!” rather than “Hurray!”
Years of sitting at computers and in cars/public transport have brought me to this clumsy state. It’s all very well going out for a walk which is better than nothing but increasing flexibility is important too. I also have lordosis which doesn’t help.
Yesterday I tried a handstand and got one foot off the floor by about ten degrees and the other about twenty. It was so easy at school and falling was easier still.
I still use the toning tube I bought in February (see February post) and should use it more often and for longer periods but it has made a difference to the top half of my posture. I now want to order a longer one (less than £10) but I also need to spend time doing rolling neck exercises and more time on back exercises. My aim is to do handstands and forward rolls regularly as part of my “routine” – a kind of lite gymnastics.
I just need to remember to warm up first and that the morning is not the best time for them.
Disclaimer: I’m not a fitness expert.


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