Routine gone to pot and still making (upside down) scrappy notes

I had quite a good routine until three weeks ago when I came back having moved from a big capital city to this small town (with character). The library is too noisy to do anything in except make noise and the price of a cup of tea/coffee has increased while the size of the cafes has decreased. I keep working but extremely slowly on revising my second book. It’s worrying because on some days it’s just a few sentences and on others it’s a page or two – still not a lot. I’ve already been through several print-and-edit-on-paper revisions and now it’s time to edit straight on the screen before printing again.
A big part of the problem is that this time I’m not writing short stories – just one. I suppose some people might call it a novella. Anyway it’s one story. Despite trying to keep my notes tidy I continually add to them by writing scrappy notes and I sometimes I end up writing in different directions on the same paper. I was going to upload a photo of my notes but the content might offend.
This morning I gave myself a blinding headache because I achieved nothing and thought how I really wanted to be doing this, this, and that. Then again, I’ve only been here for three weeks and I ought to persevere.
I’ve been watching television a lot (more on this another time) but apart from watching repeats and the news (can’t think why) it’s starting to drive me mad and in the mornings I switch channels and radio stations until I end up with RNIB Connect (presenters: do you really need to read out job descriptions so slowly and in such detail?), then when I remember Radio 3. I still don’t get up early enough for Steve Allen. I used to leave at 8am now I just about manage to stagger out of my bijou residence for fresh air at 9am trying not to squint after many hours within grey walls.
Maybe writing this will help. I’ve scribbled some notes on a new routine which includes spending some time working on short stories – I do have one that needs finishing – then getting some fresh air ( I like fresh air)  and then switching to editing my second book. I don’t know.
I do know I have to persevere and keep reworking my routine. I’ve always believed that writing was portable property: I should be putting my beliefs into action.

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