Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories

S.A. Aslam

A wealthy Russian businessman and a troubled property dealer are the last people to see Martin Whitehouse before he disappears. Prejudice and resentment within class values are also revealed in Gentlemen’s Agreementwhen an ex-serviceman retrained as a private detective is asked to help find the missing man. Mark Kent is still making the transition from army to civilian life and during the investigation learns how other people can have difficulties conforming to mainstream society.The story shows how appearances can be deceptive  and that a home and a job might only be a semblance of respectability for people’s schemes and struggles.

#The Inheritance tells of a man’s relationship with his wife and mother as he tries to make a success of his life but he ultimately fights for his survival in any way he can. The story reveals how his character changes and which of the traits belonging to his wife and mother he adopts.

#Indebted is about a wealthy family  shaken…

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