Stafford (including old buildings pt.1)

My photos so far. All are taken within walking distance from I’m staying.

Twins in Victoria Park, Stafford.DSC00053

The River Sow running through Victoria Park, Stafford, near the railway station.DSC00038

The Picture House, Stafford. Cinema dates back to 1914  (some write 1913) and is now a pub/restaurant. ThePictureHouse Stafford

St Mary’s Church, view from my window before I moved down the corridor.DSC00029

View from the corridor in July. Not as depressing as some might think.DSC00046:

Almshouses in Stafford right view and, below, left. Red door is the centre.DSC00034


I took this because it made me smile.  Just a few minutes past the windmill.DSC00040

Broad Eye Windmill in Stafford near the River Sow. Dates back to 1796. Needs a fair amount of renovation.DSC00039


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