Gentlemen’s Agreement #cities #money

“I disliked the view and thought a bleak future faced the city, but I also resented being left out of the changes.
“The newcomers were rich foreigners who were wining, dining, and sleeping their way to image and status.
“High street shops provided instant gratification with cheap goods just months away from a rubbish tip.
“Even a garage could be sold at a price few could afford but, if money was to be made, Martin wanted his share.
“He also quite passionately believes money belongs to the people not the state and he was unafraid to say so.
“An ugly and visceral desire drove some people in their pursuit of money.
“He intoned and enunciated so beautifully I wondered if he was one of the casualties of the shift in the top layers of society.
“The Russian smiled. ‘Your country needs my money to stop its history dissolving into digital reproductions.’ ”


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