Life in a small town after a big city

Eating dozens of own-brand packs of crisps (potato chips) and ‘jaffa cakes’ and tripling my intake of cheap coffee nearly every day would suggest that I am bored. Admittedly I sleep better here but today’s activities have hit rock bottom. I:
– walked ten minutes to a supermarket to buy more of the above biscuits (cookies) and some salad
-looked at Twitter, got angry at hashtags
– drank a mug of coffee
– ate a couple of slices of bread and cheese
– ate the above biscuits
– looked at Twitter
– drank a mug of coffee
– turned on the television (indication that I really need to get a grip – but more of that in a later post)
– Twitter
– watched television
– looked out of the window at the bins below (it’s really interesting: you should try it)
– closed the curtains because of the daylight on the screen
– watched television
-marvelled at the few minutes of sun that came through my window
– opened the curtains
– typed up about three lines of the MS of my second novel
– closed the curtains because someone opposite is cleaning their windows
– ate half a cucumber
– Twitter, got angry at hashtags
– ate some slices of cheese
– ate some sultanas, bread and cheese, mug of coffee (one is usually my maximum)
– I’m now on cherry tomatoes
– confessing on my website.
I actually have a lot that I want to do but instead I seem to have become immobile despite being aware that I’m wasting my hours. I’ve also stopped doing my morning stretches and I’m pretty certain I’ve put on about a stone (14 pounds). After writing this post I’ll have a shower for some heat, and then watch John Wayne for the first time in years (he’s on now but  the volume is turned down).
My routine is in a sorry state. Perseverance is needed; after all I’ve only been here for nine nights.
My one consolation is that I never stop thinking about my MS and I keep scribbling down thoughts etc when they occur.
In the meantime I’ll just check what time the nearest supermarket closes…


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