Clothes psychology for #writers

My routine has changed over the period of one year and most recently I’ve gone from needing to write surrounded by people in a coffee shop or library, in an attempt to recreate an office environment, to now being able to spend all day indoors at my desk.
This has brought its own problems as I discovered yesterday: that of being cold. The heating is centrally controlled in my new bijou residence (for some reason it came on at 1.30am today – and noisily) and during June one is not expected to need heating. Yesterday evening I thought winter might be on its way early so this morning I went out to look for something cheap and warm to wear.
But outside today the much promised rain has so far failed to materialise and the sunshine has made this a balmy day. Now back behind my desk it’s cold again. Eventually the penny will drop: warm clothing must be available all year round. Tomorrow I’ll go out again to look for something cheap and warm to wear at my desk.
In the meantime take it from me: eating lots of crisps and chocolate does not keep you warm.


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