Gentlemen’s Agreement

A wealthy Russian businessman and a troubled property dealer are the last people to see Martin Whitehouse before he disappears. Prejudice and resentment within class values are also revealed when an ex-serviceman retrained as a private detective is asked to help find the missing man. Mark Kent is still making the transition from army to civilian life and during the investigation learns how other people can have difficulties conforming to mainstream society. #Gentlemen’s Agreement the first in the collection, Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories and looks at how appearances can be deceptive, and that a home and a job might only be a semblance of respectability for people’s schemes and struggles. The inclusion of a Russian angle happened accidentally, or else it was my sub-consciousness writing. There are vague similarities between true events which occurred in Britain but I have left any left details obscure so as not to offend friends or family who might be affected.


About S.A. Aslam

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