I went in to buy a Nikon Coolpix but left with a Sony W810

I’d  spent several hours on the internet listening to experts’ opinions on the best budget digital camera to buy. I decided to buy a Nikon Coolpix S2900 but for some reason I left the shop, actually it was Carrefour (a supermarket), with a Sony Cyber-shot W810. And mine doesn’t even have a memory card.
The two models cost the same but I’ve since found one online reviewer gave the Nikon more points than the Sony. Hey ho. The man in Carrefour told me that the Sony was the better of the two and I opted to believe him.  Well, I hope to take photos soon so I don’t have to keep downloading pictures from the internet.
In the meantime I have to  go online to find out why the battery isn’t recharging.
But on top of the fact that I can’t find a copy editor, the temperature has increased (about 20C today and apart from one or two blips it will continue rising: not my type of weather), and that I seem to have lost all my physical energy, things aren’t going too well.
I hope I am however plodding onwards and upwards and hope to start a gallery soon.




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