Publishing experiences (6): Pulling teeth #bestbarbarians

Dealing with editorial services is a bit like pulling teeth without anaesthetic. One in particular might be in the running for being the most irritating and possibly least ethical in that it tried to get more money out of me.
My email was clear: the type of my MS, length, and please tell me the cost. Nothing else.
He wanted to know what I planned to do with the manuscript. (Well, I thought I’d just I’d paper the walls with it).
Then he wanted a sample of the MS, which I sent.
Then they (now copying in a marketing colleague) wanted a breakdown of the lengths of the stories and or the whole MS (which I expected in their first email). They added they ‘felt a more aided, developmental edit would be most useful to you at the moment, rather than a copy-edit, and I’d be happy to look into securing you someone who can help with this.'[money, money, money].
They also took it upon themselves to offer recommendations for self-publishing platforms, ‘when the time is right’. I’d already told them I had a publisher – who by now probably thinks I’ve died.
There was also a rather imperious: “Please also let us know exactly what sort of structural editing you have already had done.” What does it have to do with them when all I asked for was the price of a copy edit?
And, he twice signed off: Thanks and best,
I’ve seen a fair bit of ‘best’ instead of ‘best wishes’ written by people in business. I don’t know who’s responsible for starting this but it’s now being adopted by… editorial services. #bestbarbarians
I’ve chosen a different company.
#amwriting #IndieAuthors #author  

(Important Addendum: the ES has nearly 20 years experience)


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