Publishing experiences (5): The Twilight Zone

I finished rewriting, editing, and re-editing what I hope is the last draft of Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories. For some reason I felt I had to brace myself before contacting the editorial services to get a quote for a copy edit. I have no idea why but I waited four days (Thursday 14/4) before I sent an email.
My message was to the same person to whom I sent my initial payment for a structural edit and who also confirmed that the payment had been received. The same email address is used by other colleagues one of whom knows that I had to ask about the progress of the structural edit, and who must have been the one who had to chase up the editor.

Me (or if you prefer ‘I’): “Hi -,   My final draft is ready for copy editing…could you let me know how much it would cost…
Reply: “As I explained in my previous email it is more appropriate at this stage to get professional advice and feedback on the important elements such as sytle , structue, pacing etc etc [sic]…Only when you are confident these key aspects are right and working should you consider a copy-edit.”
Me: “I’ve had the manuscript structurally edited. Now it’s ready for a copy edit.”
More than 24 48 hours later I’m still waiting for a reply.

Now I know why I was bracing myself before I contacted them.

PS Waited 96 hours before sending an email to a different editorial services, received a reply 24 hours later, and have sent off my manuscript and am now waiting for a reply.

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