Why do people tell lies?


I wasn’t going to write about this but I’m going insane trying to get from one day to the next with people who either don’t have any social skills or tell lies as a means of communication.
So why do people tell lies?
(1) My first experience was with those who wanted to make themselves look better by telling lies about others considered to be easy victims.
(2) Those who like to say things about other people / things behind their back out of spite, and then when their words are (innocently) repeated they deny all knowledge.
(3) Because they can’t be bothered to find any work and expect someone else to pay the rent and when that person moves out they start panicking.
(4)Because they’ve borrowed too much money and need to get some money any way they can.
(5) Lying for personal gain (financial or otherwise)
(6) It’s part of their culture and they never learned to tell the truth.
I suppose the list goes on, but I wonder if people tell more lies than before or whether its just that we know more people through travel and the internet.  Or maybe it’s because there are just more people in the world. I’m sure it used to be that telling lies was seen as a ‘bad’ or morally reprehensible thing to do. Now it’s just accepted.
Writing appears to be my refuge at the moment because I work on my own and, who knows, one day I might earn some money from it to keep me away from all those liars.

  • Update so I don’t have to write a separate post: I’m still rewriting Gentlemen’s Agreement and Other Stories. I cut 7,000 words out of the first full edit (this year) and I’m now on my second and hoping to claw back the same number of words. I hope to finish before the end of April, check one more time, then send off for a copy edit.

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