Benefits of quality editor feedback

I think it’s crucial to have an editor’s feedback, and if anyone was impatient to get quality feedback, I was that person. (It took just over three months). It’s important to have an impartial opinion in order to see my work afresh, and I don’t mean from friends or family. I’m currently rewriting three of my short stories and, on Sunday evening, I reduced fifty per cent of the words in one of them. And it looks better for it even though I had pretty bad pain in my neck afterwards. I now have to find a few thousand words but if I can’t, and it looks as though I won’t actually have to because the story  might not need that amount of words, I’ll have to write another short story, and quickly. (Luckily I have one in mind).
To make it clear, I’m referring to structural editing, namely what works and what doesn’t. In my editor’s method she gave me her opinion on style, character, and plot. Copy editing comes later.
Rewriting is a very good exercise as it clears out all the dross and makes sharper and better writer. To anyone out there who dreads receiving their feedback, try to change your view of it and don’t take the editor’s opinion personally. Just see it as a way of sharpening your skills. And good luck.


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