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I paid and sent off my manuscript to the editor on 2 February and received an acknowledgement on the same day. I was told to wait approximately four weeks, which I think is the standard period, although this could vary according to the editor’s workload.
In the meantime I continued with my second story, which I think will be a full-length novel albeit a short one. And I waited, and waited, and waited. After five weeks, I sent an email on 9 March asking if everything was okay. Apparently the editor had sent my feedback  on 16 February but to wrong email address. Well fancy that.
I received the first contact from the editor and my feedback a couple of hours later on the same day with apologies.
Lesson? Perhaps it’s not to waste time while waiting because you can’t always control other people’s actions, and to keep working and be productive.
The feedback was fine and I focussed on the good points to help me get through that night. I’m now rewriting Gentlemen’s Agreement and other Stories, and hope to finish in two weeks’ time, before I send it off for a copy edit, and then to the publisher’s.
Talking of which, I must call them to remind them I exist.



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