Sharing and not sharing

The things I’ve shared the most are the things I’ve always disliked sharing; bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, halls, living rooms, televisions, etc.
For five months last year I couldn’t get out of bed before 8.30am (occasionally 9am/9.30am) and couldn’t understand why. The answer, I realise now, is that I just didn’t want to. I’d spent many years getting up out of bed and leaving the house so that I would get to work on time, use the bathroom without having to wait, avoid flat/housemates, get out of the way of  noisy and inept cleaners, find some peace and quiet, and just get away from everybody. Or on the occasions I stayed in I’d have to either put up with other people’s mess, unless I said something (which I tend to do), or clean up after other people; family, friends, relatives of friends.
Last year I had five months of luxury of not having to share. I created my own world of bliss and wallowed in it.
The downside was of course that I did no work. I hardly did anything except, watch YouTube, sleep, dream, and write notes (thank goodness, even if they were a mess).
Now I’m back sharing again, but this time it’s slightly different. My flatmate goes away for about three nights a week, so I have the flat to myself. I don’t actually use all the flat but I do feel more relaxed when she’s not here. When she’s here I get up at 7am and leave at 8am. But when she’s not here I find myself staying in bed half an hour longer and leaving half an hour later and then kicking myself for wasting so much time. At half past eight, CEOs already have at least a three-and-a-half hour start on me.
So I need still more discipline of having to run a life without the need for a boss, or anyone else, telling me where I should be and at what time.
Maybe this half-and-half world I’m in is a step closer to  establishing a better routine and more discipline – I certainly hope so.
I briefly wished I could get ready like Wallace (Wallace and Gromit) by inventing contraptions that would slide me out of bed, get me washed, changed, fed, and out of the front door without my having to do anything at all, but I think for the time being that will have to remain a fantasy.

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