Do woodpeckers get a pain in the neck?

WoodpeckerHere’s an update on writing posture where I recommended that if anyone works at a screen / writing desk they should try star gazing as a physically and mentally beneficial way to exercise the brain and neck. (
Another activity is to go to your  local (biggish) park which should have lots of trees and the noise of hammering, technically drumming, on tree trunks will make you look up to see if you can spot any woodpeckers.
I was supposed to buy a camera to take photos but I haven’t got round to it yet, so the accompanying photo is from the internet and not mine.
Anyway woodpeckers don’t seem to suffer from any pain because of they have powerful neck muscles and thick skulls. They’re starting to excavate nesting holes (today it was about 18C here) hence all the woodpeckers are all busy.

Source: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

PS: update on my writing: I’m still waiting to hear from the editor about the structural editing on my first book, and I’ve nearly finished the second draft of my second.

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