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This is one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time, and I only wish I’d bought this  years ago.
Mine is called a toning tube from Boomerang (it’s also better known as a chest and back expander) but there are quite a few brands on the market. It’s brilliant for easing aches and pains after sitting at a desk for a long time. There are long versions for a wide range of whole-body movements, and short versions; I bought a short one in a figure eight shape for 7 euros. As a non-expert I think these are better than weights, take up very little room room in your drawer or suitcase, and weigh hardly anything.
According to LifelineUSA (thank you for the demonstration exercises) on YouTube earlier forms of these stretchy plastic tubes were first used by strongmen during the 1800s , so I’m in good company. The expanders are easy to use, and you can follow the demonstrations posted by different fitness experts on YT.
I bought mine three days ago and have been using it in a hit-and-miss fashion morning and evening. My arms keep wobbling after about one or two stretches but my back opens up and I feel a lot better after sitting at my screen or even just going about my daily tasks. Or just doing nothing. My muscles don’t ache so I probably need to do more reps or stretch a bit more, but if anyone is looking for a quick, cheap, and very effective exercise, I recommend something like this.  This post is not sponsored – unfortunately.




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