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Just a brief update: Overcame impasse with my publisher after I threw my teddy bear in the corner, and having a phone conversation. I think telepathy was used as well but I’m not sure.

I approached Writers’ Workshop and I was allocated an author/writer/editor who is erudite, experienced, and level-headed. I haven’t met one of those since my first form teacher at school but of course I never appreciated him at the time. (Not surprised he went on be deputy head elsewhere – one of the few real teachers I’ve ever met and one who should be in charge of a school). I’m not sure what the procedure is regarding naming editors so until I find out I’ll just say I’m flattered and grateful, and hope my manuscript won’t cause her too much pain.

I was told to wait approximately four weeks (three weeks left). Taking into account revisions, it looks as though my first book will be published around late spring. In the meantime I aim to finish the first draft of my second book which will be a single story (I think that’s called a novel) by the end of April with an approximate publishing date of autumn. One hopes.





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