McD’s & MS Word

I’ve never liked either but I want to confess to using both.
I’ve never bought anything from McDonald’s in the UK but when I’m living abroad I end up going in usually for financial reasons.
A coffee costs 1 euro, and tastes just as bad perhaps even better than the coffee in one of this country’s long-established national chains where I also have to have a pastry for a total of 2.20 euros. And McD’s coffee is hot and the cafe/restaurant is warm. The only other cheap (chilly) place I’ve found sells luke warm coffee for 1.50. (The tea here isn’t very good or else stupidly more expensive; I don’t think the locals understand it). And with so many tables in McD’s I can sit for longer with just my coffee, pen and paper and not think I should be on my way because other people want to sit down and eat burgers, fries, coke, and whatever else it is they have.
Sometimes I’ve felt guilty about ordering just a coffee and I have fries as well. Not sure why they taste like salty fried strips of cardboard but at least I’ve tried.
And so to Microsoft, which I prefer to keep brief. I’ve never liked MS (Word) but I’ve always used it. After reading so many tweets etc about Scrivener I’ve made up my mind to switch as soon as I get back to England, or maybe even before.



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