Time flies by when…


It’s supposed to be time flies by when you’re having fun but my advice is just fill your time as much as you can to achieve at least a little every day. I tried to remember the last occasion when time flew by. It’s only when I look after back after a month or year, or so, and note what I haven’t done that I realise that time has flown by. I no longer like Father Time but don’t mind a table clock. An hour is an hour, and a day is a day, no matter what I do. Maybe we should be brought up to respect time more because it certainly flies by as you get older.
January seems to be longer than usual, and I’m glad of it. I’ve moved and returned to writing every day again, and I’ve set myself a deadline of three months to finish the first draft of my second book. However I still have a few things on my checklist I need to cross off; such as find an editor for my first book, pay the editor, buy some cooking oil, but at least I remembered to buy some oats…
This year I’ve decided to actually use my diary in which I write what I’ve accomplished each day. I don’t always remember to fill it in but I’m doing reasonably well. I just need to increase the pace of activity until, perhaps, without knowing it, I’ll be ‘working’ twice as much as I am now. Time? I don’t want to think about time. I want to focus on acting and achieving the things I’ve wanted to do for, well, a very long time.


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