Noisy microwave, lifts, and showers – but no table and chair!

After six months of living in a tiny seaside town I’ve returned to a city, albeit not one I had wanted to go back to, but the main reason was that I knew I would get back into writing every day.
After a door-to-door journey of 10 hours which ended in pains in my back and, bizarrely, my shoulder blades which is an embarrassing reflection of how unfit I’ve become. I tried some stretching exercises this morning and it would have been easier to bend a plank of wood.

I re-started my writing routine today. It wasn’t brilliant but I want to turn three sides of A4 narrative into dialogue, which might be tricky because I stopped writing for so long. It was not too difficult to concentrate and I hope to get the dialogue finished before the end of the week, and pick up rhythm and speed as the weekend approaches. I remain optimistic about any setbacks.
The only problem is that I feel a bit detached from all the things I want to do and the kind of people I’d rather be with. And in all honesty, I think I only worked for just under two hours today. This is something I have to improve on and put in the effort to achieve more.
I also need to find somewhere a bit more permanent and cheaper to stay than this hotel (aka hostel). And find a table and chair, but maybe my landlord will oblige. It was -3C when I left my other accommodation yesterday morning and it’s not that warm outside here, but it’s about 30C in my hotel. It was impossible to sleep because of the heat, strong smell of disinfectant, not to mention the noise of doors banging shut, the lift, next door’s shower at 1 and 3am, the fridge in my room, oh and a microwave in reception. However I’m grateful I’ve been given a deal on the room for five nights. I don’t what’s going to happen after that.
My publisher and I had a chat the afternoon before I moved, and I hope everything will be okay from now on, but I’m still waiting for confirmation of how we go forward from now on. I’ve decided to find my own editor but continue to publish with the same company. I just want to make progress and do something with my first manuscript which is only waiting to be edited and revised where necessary.
In the meantime, I might buy some hand weights…





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