Writing posture – look to the stars

Whenever I write, read, check emails / twitter, or update my website I always seem to be looking down. Every day I end up with a pain in my neck which only a separate wall-mounted screen could solve. That’s not going to happen just yet, so I have to look for a safe alternative remedy.
I say ‘safe’ because three years ago I ended up with a muscle spasm in my neck after watching the internet for just two hours and was in considerable pain for several weeks.

I took ibuprofen three times a day and prayed a lot as I had never experienced such pain in my neck before. Until I remembered using a landline phone some years ago and developing a habit of holding the receiver in the crook of my neck. I ended up with a stiff neck and had to have massage and acupuncture from a whippet-thin Irish therapist who paid me the compliment of telling me he had never seen a neck in such a bad state.
So I have to build into my routine another evening activity – stargazing – or possible daytime activity of bird watching. The first doesn’t need any equipment but a clear sky is vital. I went stargazing about two weeks ago but since then it’s been cloudy. The second is also free but could benefit from using binoculars.
Both are worth taking up to free my neck from the stiff position it’s in day after day, and who knows I might even learn something.


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