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Losing focus on the task in hand is a waste of my time, and I only realise how many opportunities I’ve lost after a few weeks or even months (years?). My environment is definitely not helping me as I’ve said so many times before but that’s going to change soon. But do I always have to depend on my environment? Working from an office provides a different atmosphere geared towards helping people achieve tasks, but it’s a different matter  working from home. If my mine is wandering than I mustn’t be happy with the way things are.

I should be writing everyday but I’m not. I used to until I moved back to the seaside. Some people feel the need to ‘get away from it all’ in order to find ideas  but clearly I’m not that kind of a person. Not only do I know how my current story is going to unfold I also have ideas from the following three stories and possibly a fifth. So I keep making notes which are now all in a mess.


Losing focus has terrible results yet I’m increasingly losing control of my ability to focus on a particular task for long periods of time especially in this town.  Practice makes perfect, I suppose. Normally distractions are the culprits but I don’t seem to have enough distractions. I stopped watching television a few years ago although I use the internet every day.

It’s probably a matter of training or retraining my brain to pay attention to something for longer and longer periods of time. Maybe I need to take my brain to the gym and I don’t think I need to pay any membership. So, until I move, I’m going to try to write for just five or ten minutes a day – small tasks – which is better than writing for no minutes at all. And set out a rough timetable for when I’m going to check Twitter, emails, and perhaps write down ideas / drafts for blogs.

Routine goes part of the way to solve problems of focusing, and hopeful energy and momentum will follow.


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