Life with and without the internet

The internet has been down for most of the week, beginning last Sunday morning –  except for a few hours on Wednesday and now as I write during Friday lunchtime. It’s been an interesting experience. I had been reading the publishing guide from – when someone tore a hole in the world wide web.  (I think it was BT engineers).  At first I was at a loss especially as I don’t watched television. Everything was much quieter.

So I listened to Radio 3 on my mobile and began C. Bronte’s The Professor. I also went to bed earlier than usual, slept better, and woke up earlier.

On the downside, I could no longer control the sights and sounds as I can when I use the internet, especially the kind of conversations and accents. But the experience showed me that I need to do things as when they arise (if only I’d learn!), and that I should probably move and / or buy a car to have the kind of face-to-face contacts I need. As a tool for work the internet is necessary but I hope I haven’t become completely addicted to it.


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