The 5 Secrets of Good Storytelling by @KMWeiland — Helping Writers Become Authors

I’m having a harder and harder time getting excited about stories these days. Not because I don’t love stories, but because I do love them—and because it’s ever-increasingly difficult to find truly great ones that employ all the secrets of good storytelling. By “great stories,” I mean stories that are put together with intelligence, understanding, passion,…

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How To Be An Author Entrepreneur: an interview by @SukhiJutla with @thecreativepenn

An entrepreneur creates value with their ideas. They create a new reality based on thoughts and actions. That surely is the definition of an author! When you’re writing your first book, you don’t necessarily think about running a business or consider yourself an entrepreneur, but if you keep writing and putting your words in the…

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Writer’s back: mattresses and bus seats

During the summer I spent two months in Taipei in a fairly decent hostel where the rooms were called cabins but were more like donkey stalls. (See photo – it’s not as prison-like as it looks).

My bed resembled a longer-and-wider-than-usual bus seat. After unpacking  I lay down and my spine immediately began to “flatten out”. Heaven! For two months my spine didn’t hurt one bit. (I have lordosis).

It’s not very comfortable sleeping on one of these night after night but I suppose you could always buy a sleeping bag/mattress to cushion your back.

But I really miss the bus seat.

NEOSOHO cabin, Taipei
My cabin, aka a donkey stall, in Taipei

When I returned home I had a memory foam mattress and within two weeks my spine began to hurt. I now have an old mattress but one that is better than the memory foam one. I think. But my spine has lost the alignment it had gained in Taipei and feels uncomfortable.

If it’s affordable, have a bus seat by the side of your desk. It might be more relaxing and better for you than an armchair or sofa.

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What to give yourself this year, by @KAMcCleary — Writer Unboxed

Flickr Creative Commons: asenat29It’s easy to look ahead to a new year and make resolutions about new habits—I’ll write 1,000 words a day, I’ll write seven days a week, I’ll finish/start that novel/short story/novella—you get the idea. But instead of resolving to do better, try harder, work smarter (not that there’s anything wrong with that),…

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