#Exercise for #writers: squats. Just do them.

(From a non-expert) Squats will help you in all manner of ways:
Better muscle tone for upper and lower body
Increase your heart rate
Improve circulation
Improve posture
Improve flexibility

Also no equipment is necessary and you don’t need special clothing (don’t wear anything tight).

I’ve done squats before, maybe once a week, but never stayed the course. I’ve started doing three sets of 12 every evening while listening to the news / music etc. I’m only on day three but I can tell that my spine feels less skewiff (technical term).
You will also burn fat and lose weight (but only if you stop eating crisps, chocolate, biscuits and takeaways).

Check YouTube or your local gym for techniques but squats aren’t that difficult.
If you have any physical condition etc check with your doctor.

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#history A different side to Blackpool, Lancashire. #pillbox #airport #WWII

This gallery contains 6 photos.

After posting an article on energy use and sending a tweet with three photos attached, I’m now going to upload more images. Salisbury Woodland is near an area that used to be a municipal airport with return prices to Douglas … Continue reading

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#author The environment, IT and lengthy articles.


I’ve been off the internet for just over three days during which time I’ve been reading  articles stored on my desktop.
One was about the cost of IT in energy and its impact on the environment – nothing new there, I know.
A downside to the internet is that no one can tell the writer to keep articles to length.  That writer can either be a friend sending you yet another (lengthy and boring) email or a work email with lots of attachments sent to a dozen people. In many such cases the reader is always scrolling down.
Then there are videos. Yes, they draw attention but they’re costly too.  (One day I’ll get round to reading Mike Berners-Lee’s ” How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything”).
I tend to write shorter articles now on my website than when I started not because I thought about the cost but because I wanted to keep the readers’ attention.
But I hope that when this article reaches your inbox it won’t have cost too much in emotions, money or the environment.


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#author Notes on a mini whiteboard.


Whiteboard (A4)

Save paper and write reminder notes on a whiteboard.

Writing reminder notes on paper and crossing off lists works occasionally but not always so I decided to invest in a whiteboard.

Mine is A4 size + one marker and cost all of £1 ( I do spend more than a £1 on purchases). I suggest you use a fine tip marker on such a small surface – I have to use capital letters on mine.

I’m not sure it will work but my scrap paper collection is growing.

I keep it on my desk, aka drop-leaf dining table, so I don’t have to wear reading glasses to check what I have to do. Mine came with  “Remember it!” written at the foot of the board. A bit unnecessary, I thought, but I’ve now got no excuses. 




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