Help! Someone else is selling my book! by @AuthorMelindaC via Indies Unlimited

While taking a short break from obsessively Googling your name and checking your KDP dashboard, you wander over to search for your book on Amazon. Imagine your surprise when – gasp – you see two listings. Or three listings. Or even more! Someone named IHeartBooks is selling your paperback on Amazon! Not only that, but…

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Self Publishing – How Much Does it Cost? — Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula

How much money should you reasonably expect to invest when self-publishing a book? Mark Dawson and James Blatch share the all-important financial details that indie authors need to know about. This week’s key highlights: The editorial phases an author needs to go through Tools authors need for formatting ebooks and paperbacks once the book is edited Cost…

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“There are plenty of predators around.”

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#author Wear lace-up shoes: yet more exercise for writers.

A while ago I bought a pair of lace-up shoes. I put a foot in one shoe to try them on and knelt on the floor to tie the laces. Well, I strained to bend down, struggled to keep my balance, and felt a pull on my spine (I have lordosis and should exercise).

I was then stuck in a crouched position and it was only after leaning heavily against the wall, much laboured breathing, and wobbling about that I managed to stand up. (Beached whale image – no offence to whales).  

I’d bought the shoes online and I was luckily on my own when I tried them on. 

I left them in the box for a few weeks but, with another pair heading for the recycling bin, I had to wear them.  

After a few weeks of huffing and puffing I am now much better at bending down and standing up although there is still room for improvement. Tries hard could do better. 

I started buying only slip-on shoes (loafers, boots) several years ago in the belief that slipping – or squashing – my foot inside shoes or boots saved time getting ready.
But my message to anyone working at a desk: start bending down and standing up and stop stuffing your feet into your slip-on/always-tied, lace-up shoes. And if they’ve got laces tie and untie them.
A few extra seconds will make little difference to the time you spend getting ready but could make a significant improvement to your health.


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#author Pillow talk.

It’s bad enough having a pain in your back and neck but check your pillows aren’t aggravating the problem.
I have four pillows at my disposal but only two (which are also a bit thin) are any good for resting my head on. The others are too hard.
I don’t know what filling the manufacturer uses but punching and squashing them has no effect. I had a pain in my head and neck for about five hours today and I know that only having a shower is going to ease my neck muscles.
Pain killers should not be the solution and I did hold out for as long as I could before succumbing to a couple of Ibuprofen (there goes my heart).  I suppose it’s all down to exercise again: neck and shoulder exercises (and moving around in general).
Being in pain is not funny especially when it makes me feel like beating the stuffing out everyone if not my pillows.

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